WEEKLY: Traditional Fencing Classes / Lessons in Naples FL: Learn the Art of the Sword as a Martial Art in our school!

March 19-20, 2016: Palm Beach Classical Fencing Tournament, hosted by AHF & Palm Beach Classical Fencing

It’s that time again!  If you’re interested in judging or fencing, let me know as soon as you can.  If you plan to fence, please click the link above to register.  There will be a class Sunday afternoon (topic TBA) taught by Maestro Acosta-Martinez, which all students are encouraged to take whether you are competing or not.  This is a separate registration fee and form for this.

September 18-20, 2015: Martinez Academy Academia, New Orleans, LA

For the first time in over a century, the Martinez Academy hosted an Italian-style Academia, in which students from all the Martinez-affiliated schools gathered to train and exhibit their skill in a public demonstration at the Kingsley House in New Orleans.  CGSF was a participating school, and we had a fantastic several days of teaching and fencing.   The next one will be in 7 years, so mark your calendar!

See the article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune here:

2015 Martinez Academy Academia, New Orleans LA

June 28-Aug 2, 2014: Smallsword Academy

Instructor Hogg participated as a teaching assistant at a weeklong workshop dedicated to the art of the French Small-sword, hosted by the Martinez Academy in New York and New Jersey.  During the week we were also thrilled to receive a class in Baroque Dancing and Movement from dance master Carlos Fittante.  Thanks to the Maestri Martinez for a fantastic workshop and to Mr. Fittante for an amazing class!

March 22-23, 2014: Palm Beach Classical Fencing Tournament a success!

The PBCF tournament was a resounding success this year, with some of the cleanest classical fencing I’ve seen at a competition and 35 fencers in the foil event.  CGSF had a great showing, with two competitors and one judge — a great tournout for a brand new school!  I’m proud to say our fencers held their own despite it being their first event, and next year we will be even bigger and better!  Much thanks once again to Kim Moser and Palm Beach Classical Fencing for their hospitality and for hosting such a fantastic fencing event.  Thanks also to Maestro Ramon Martinez and Provost Jared Kirby for their instruction and direction!

Photos of this years event can be found in our gallery page.

March 22-23, 2014: Palm Beach Classical Fencing Tournament, hosted by AHF & Palm Beach Classical Fencing

The Palm Beach Classical Fencing tournament is one of our favorite events of the year!  All CGSF students are encouraged as strongly as possible to attend, as this will be a great chance to interact with other fencers as well as our fencing master, provost, and other Martinez Academy instructors.  Students who have been fencing for more than 6 months should plan to enter the competition; if you’re not ready to fence we will certainly need judges, so plan to come anyway if you can!  On Sunday the 23rd there will be a chance to take a class from the master and some of the other Martinez Academy instructors, so I definitely encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Plus there will be a barbecue and lots of fun!  If you have any questions just check with me, or write Kim Moser at Palm Beach Classical Fencing.  The link to the tournament info is above.

March 23-24, 2013: Palm Beach Classical Fencing Tournament, hosted by AHF & Palm Beach Classical Fencing

As usual, Palm Beach Classical Fencing and the Association for Historical Fencing (AHF) put on a fantastic event this year; the hospitality and fencing were tremendous!  Instructor Hogg served as an official for the event (Director of Combat), along with Maestro Ramon Martinez and Messrs. Kim Moser and Jared Kirby.  The event drew 34 fencers from across Florida and the U.S. to compete in classical foil, dueling sword, and sabre events.

Instructor Hogg also taught a course in French Smallsword, focusing on attacks with opposition in the Sunday workshop (with the help of Jared Kirby).  Thanks to Kim Moser and Palm Beach Classical Fencing for hosting and inviting us!


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