Classes & Lessons

IMG_1235CGSF emphasizes a curriculum grounded in the traditional French and Italian schools of fencing.  We teach a martial approach to swordsmanship in our fencing / HEMA classes, handed down through the generations, master to student.

We teach classes in both French and Italian foil, as well as dueling sword, small-sword, sabre, rapier, dagger, and other weapons of classical and historical fencing.



Fencing / HEMA classes are currently held Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Vineyards Community Park Rec Center in Naples, FL (near Vanderbilt Beach Blvd. and I-75).  Registration for Monday and Wednesday classes is separate; you can sign up for classes either day or for both!

Our next 2023 MONDAY sessions begin:

 January 9 (4 weeks)
February 13 (4 weeks)
March 13 (4 weeks)
April 17 (4 weeks)
May 15 (4 weeks)

WEDNESDAY session dates are:

January 11 (4 weeks)
February 15 (4 weeks)
March 15 (4 weeks)
April 19 (4 weeks)
May 17 (4 weeks)

Beginner – Mondays / Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 ($65 for 6 week sessions, $45 for 4 weeks)
Intermediate – Mondays / Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 ($97.50 for 6 week sessions, $67.50 for 4 weeks)

To register, contact Vineyards Park at (239) 252-4105.   For more information, please contact Instructor Hogg using the form on the “Contact Us” page.  If you are interested in 1-hour individual fencing lessons, please use the same form for the fee schedule and availability.  Private lessons can be taken in any of the weapon styles we teach, including medieval sword and buckler.

Come learn this traditional martial art with us in Naples, FL!

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