Côte du Golfe School of Fencing: Fencing / HEMA Classes and Lessons in Naples / Ft Myers

IMG_6943Côte du Golfe School of Fencing (CGSF) provides classes in swordsmanship for Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Ft Myers.  We are the only school in Southwest Florida certified to teach classes in classical and historical weapons as a martial art by a traditional Fencing Master.  If you are interested in HEMA or historical fencing, you have come to the right place!

CGSF is a branch of the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York City, and as such teaches a martial approach to swordsmanship.  We share a discipline which was taught by fencing masters and practiced by duelists of centuries past, and which we have inherited in a direct lineage from master to student going back generations.  This tradition is quite distinct from the more common modern, electrified sporting form of fencing.


Fencing lessons build not only your general fitness and kinesthetic awareness, it also builds a strong sense of responsibility, respect, and self-confidence.  Whether you are in great shape or not, we work with everyone to get you to your fullest potential.  No prior experience is necessary, and anyone aged 13 and up may enroll.  We foster a safe, collegial atmosphere where everyone feels at home, is welcomed, and has something to learn.  Come take classes in this traditional Martial Art with us in Naples, FL!

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